The Air Quality Forecast Modeling System (AQFMS)

Welcome to the next generation of the AQFMS website! Through the combination of state-of-the-art modeling tools and comprehensive field site measurements, we are providing daily and 'day-ahead' air quality forecasts for the Northeastern United States. The AQFMS is an internally funded ASRC/UA Research and Development project. The experiemental air quality forecasts, based on a prototype modeling system, are under continuous evaluation and development. The results made available on this website are for research and evaluation purposes only.

The next generation of the AQFMS consists of an automated suite of modeling applications run daily to produce meteorological and air quality forecasts. We are utilizing the Advanced Research WRF (ARW-WRF), Weather Research and Forecasting model to generate meteorological fields daily for a 48 hour forecast period starting at 00 UTC. We are using the EPA Sparse Matrix Operator for Kernel Emissions (SMOKE) processor to generate gas phase and aerosol particulate matter emissions precursors for the air quality simulations. We are also utilizing the most recent version of the Comprehensive Air Quality Model with extensions (CAMx) to simulate chemical transport, mixing, deposition, and chemical transformation for the generation of high-resolution air quality forecasts.